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Is it true what they say about black guys?

you know – about being well endowed?


CBS, Facebook, TMZ

Yesterday, it was Atlantic Belland CBS and the Associated Press. And today it’s Facebook and Sprint and TMZ. Times change, people don’t. They might die, and then someone just like them, 40 years younger steps in and repeats the whole process. Is this what life is meant to resemble? It can’t be.

You know why religious people are always so happy?

Because they feel protected. More than others are. And it gives him confidence and it gives them a safety net and an excuse too, in a way. I wish I was that happy and confident.


Sometimes we want something different, something someone else has. And sometimes, the person who has what we want, wants what we have.


SOME PEOPLE just dont have the guts to stand up. Some people dont have it in them because they’re scared, and don’t want to cause attention. It’s the way they were raised.

American population

How many americans live in america? I mean yeah there’s like 300 million people in america, but how many are AMERICAN? like either born here, or spent the majority of their youth here. The two numbers might startle you.

Self consciousness

Sorry to make this sound as if I’m a 16 year old girl in high school. But don’t you ever feel like you’re a bit self conscious sometimes. I do. All the time! I find myself always looking at myself in the mirror. I find myself checking my hair out, my face out. I dont know. I feel I look too young. I have a little goatee but is it enough to make me look my real age? I went to buy cigarettes the other day and the indian lady wearing a punjabi behind the counter asked me for id. ok i understand if its for beer, i look 21, but she thinks that i might be under 18? I might be 16 or 17? C’mon I aint a kid anymore. Not in several years. Anyway i always look at my hair, i always think my hair is awful and everyone is laughing at me inside when they speak to me.