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The Parallax View

Le Passé

The past.

Everything in the past looks better when viewed at from the present. Bad relationships from back when seem a lot less awful when you think about it years later. Vacations seem less terrible. Movies seem to be better. That’s why when you start up a new band that kinda, sorta sounds like a band from the past, usually it doesnt help. Because that sound only succeeded 30 years ago, or 20 or 10 years ago. And the reason why the successful bands of that era still have fans is because they remember how good the music was. You see musicians and bands have specifics sounds. Everyone’s is different. Sometimes the sound you possess is the sound that is embraced in current society. Thats why there are so many people aspiring to be successful singers but few are.

A revelation!

I finally get it. I do! Yes! I know now. so, a guitarist will say, start strumming on his guitar one day, and the band is just sitting around ya know, just thinking, and uh, the guitarist starts his riff, and the drummer feels “it”, you know? He feels it “it” too and starts tapping his sticks and creates one of the most if not the most essential part of a song: a rhythm. And, that might just be one of the answers to life that we’ve all been looking for. And, funny enough, its been right there in front of us. Maybe that’s what God is. Something that when we die and look back, we’ll notice that he was always there, and we didnt see him. Sorry, I HATE to discuss religion openly because it ignites too, too many flares with people. But that thought popped into my head, I had to get it out.

5 Favorite Songs

This is just mental masturbation but I can’t help it.






Wonderful Music

Melody Gardot:

Rap music

Modern day rap music is for PUSSIES. And if you like modern rap, then you are a PUSSY. Want to hear real rap?