Self consciousness

Sorry to make this sound as if I’m a 16 year old girl in high school. But don’t you ever feel like you’re a bit self conscious sometimes. I do. All the time! I find myself always looking at myself in the mirror. I find myself checking my hair out, my face out. I dont know. I feel I look too young. I have a little goatee but is it enough to make me look my real age? I went to buy cigarettes the other day and the indian lady wearing a punjabi behind the counter asked me for id. ok i understand if its for beer, i look 21, but she thinks that i might be under 18? I might be 16 or 17? C’mon I aint a kid anymore. Not in several years. Anyway i always look at my hair, i always think my hair is awful and everyone is laughing at me inside when they speak to me.

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