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Why are there so many different countries in the world?

Have you ever wondered why there are so many countries in the world? Why people are able to speak in a 100 different languages?


Social Commentary

is the best form of comedy

The 50s and the 10s are quite the same.

Seven decades is not so distant from the present after all. On TV, it was either CBS, NBC, OR ABC. Today it is still the same. Except now it is Facebook, Google or Yahoo?

Hurricane Irene

I was in a chinese restaurant yesterday and I saw something that was unsettling. A young lady walked in while I was waiting for some beef with broccoli, and said she was returning the chicken wings because she ordered half a chicken. So they said ‘nor probbrem.’ They proceeded to dump in a half a chicken into the boiling oil from a dusty old shelf
and then picked out one by one the wings the girl had rejected. He throws them into the same oil and the girl standing next to me proceeded to say ‘is he supposed to be doing that?’ So I laughed and said ‘ouch. I want my money back.’ She laughed and I laughed and then before I knew it she was gone with her half a chicken in tow. And I’m wondering to myself, and this is the unsettling part I was talking about – I didn’t get her phone number!

Life is heaven and hell and everything in between

Life is heaven and hell and everything in between. High school is hell when you’re unpopular. Its heaven when you are. And that void in between the two, the purgatory, so to speak, that’s your adult life, both good and bad. And when you die, you’re the high school quarterback. And people lesser than you will question what your secret is. And you laugh and say, “haha, its no secret. I’m just dead, and I’m living out my heaven portion of life, which is as a good looking, athletic, muscular young man. And, in heaven, you get laid. A lot.

Desire and Regret

Desire in the beginning never outweighs the regret at the end.

The best way to be nice to someone

The best way to be nice to someone is to remain silent, because the more you talk, the more the person will see what an asshole you really are.