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Wasting your best years

I wasted away my years at college. I feel so ashamed. I feel like I just wasted God’s time. You know because I could have been a decent person with a real purpose and I was not that. I also could have been a party animal who just wanted to live, but I was not that either. I bounced around schools. Went to three different colleges in a 5 year span. Went to one school, then learned abroad, then came back and learned at different school, then transferred back to the first one. The whole transfer part probably occurred so I could meet her. Even though that was an ugly experience. Anyway college is a time you have to grow, to learn, to make mistakes, because you had 4 years to figure it out. That’s why so many are unhappy. 4 years go by and they need more time, time they don’t have. Its like you’re trying to solve a 90 second math equation in only 30 seconds of time. It’s hard! Anyhow, I didn’t grow very much in those college years. Didn’t live like I should have. Now, I’m trying to play catch up and its fucking impossible.

You know something, when you’re 17 or 18, you don’t even realize the time go by. It just passes and you don’t pay any attention to it. When adults tell you “relish this time! it won’t last forever”, you balk at them. But I didn’t balk at them. Because I was so ignorant, that I didn’t even stick around to hear the advice in the first place.


Women put up with jerks and assholes

Women put up with jerks and assholes because they’re generally great lovers.

You know why there are so many liars in this world?

Its all because of sex. Everything anyone does is because of sex. Its the reason u buy your shoes, your clothes, your make up, your liposuction, your hairpiece, your glasses, your bikinis, your taste in music, movies, tv shows, cigarette brands, underwear color, shampoo maker, breadmaker, tax collector, superintendent and garbage attendant. We do all those things because of SEX. We lie because of sex. We live because sex exists. And if sex didnt exist, we would refuse and cease to exist. That’s the real truth.

The Parallax View

The ones who think about sex the most often

The two people who know most about sex are the ones who have it all the time and the ones who have never done it. Because both are obsessed with it. Everyone in between doesn’t know as much as them because they don’t think about it as often. Well maybe they fantasize as much but they don’t analyze it like the ones on top and bottom do. It’s a fact. Look it up.


I had to delete the last post. It was a bunch of rubbish. Anyway, I’m feeling fine right now. Did you ever notice that the cycles of men and women are different from eachother? Life cycles. Think about it, the girl matures first, then the man matures a little later and above and beyond the female’s progression. The same thing happens in adulthood. A woman is much more active in her 20s than a man is. Then as the years go by, its the man that enjoys his prime. That’s why so many men in their 40s and 50s leave their longtime spouses for younger women. Because when a woman is 50, she is ready to retire. A man, on the other hand, is just entering his intellectual prime, and needs proper stimulation. A middle-aged woman is not equipped for this, just as a 15 year old kid doesn’t the know the first thing about pleasuring a similarly aged female. And so the middle aged man, who still retains his vitality, leaves his boring wife in decline and allows himself to fall for the 25 year old who matches his energy levels. Think about it. A 70 year old man can father a child. A 70 year old woman is 20 years removed from the start of menopause.

Relationships Part Deux

You know women are to blame for more relationship failures than the man? It’s such a stupid myth that its always the man’s fault. Because the man is not human. He’s an animal. He has no feelings. He’s all brute force, right? Is that the stereotype that the entire male population shares with itself? Women are so much more sensitive than men. They take everything so personally. Like everything’s a personal attack against their well being.  I know, I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking ‘God that is so black and white, that is such a narrow minded way of looking at it.’

But men don’t think as much as women do because they don’t need to. It’s the same reason why they’re able to make decisions quicker. Why they always order food first. Why they always get the bill. Why they always initiate sex. Why they’re always the first to ask a question. Why they’re always the first to answer a question. Because by the time a woman is done thinking, the man’s already out the door, paid the bill, and tipped the host for a good table.

The one quality that a woman does possess over a man is impulsiveness. Women are much more impulsive than men are. That’s not the same thing as making a rational decision quickly. That’s making a spontaneous decision without giving it a second thought. There is a difference between the two.