Late May, Early June

I remember this one night, I was standing in the backyard of my parents house. It was late. Everyone was asleep. It was my favorite time of the day, when everyone was asleep. It was like the whole world was mine. If a pin dropped, I’d be the only one to hear it. It was late may I think, or early june. It was warm but cool, if that makes any sense. There was a beautiful moon out that night but it wasn’t visible. God wanted there to be nothing but clouds that night, so we couldn’t see the moon. Its like the story of my life. I’ve spent the last 25 years trying to show my self to everyone, but I keep getting obscured by clouds. That’s the way God wants it. I wish sometimes I could talk to Him. Reason with Him. But there’s no reasoning with God. He can be a real prick sometimes.

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