Good will hunting

There’s a scene in the film Good Will Hunting which I particularly enjoy. The scene that concerns me at the moment is the one near the end when the teacher, played by Stellan Skarsgard is meeting with Will played by Matt Damon in his office and he says something that upsets Will and Will takes the papers filled with some brilliant mathematical algorithms he concocted and lights it on fire, because its meaningless to him. The teacher quickly rushes over and puts it out, because its so valuable to him. The intelligence written on these papers is unmatched and superb. Will says something like “Do you know how easy this is for me? This is a joke to me! I’m sorry you can’t do it, I really am.” and the teacher later replies that he “knows how easy it is for (Will).”

Anyway I think of that moment because here you have two kinds of people. One – a genius who is careless about his talents and has no shame in throwing it away. The second – a respected teacher who strives for achievement but whose intelligence does not closely match that of his most talented protege. It’s just a great overall scene, because its so common in life. It’s a brilliant film.

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