1. God 2. the bible

God created the world and then left. He saw all the death destruction that we would create, so he created his world and disappeared. Like a little boy who stops his science project on step 1 of 10. He started something, but he left far from finishing.

The bible is a thing that was written by men who are not really men, they in a gray area between man and god. So intelligent that they created a spiritual being that rules over the entire world, without ever showing its face, or sounding its voice, or being alive period. That’s intelligence that is incomprehensible. We are a weak race. Over the course of time, people have been chosen to live in different periods. Some were chosen to live in the ancient era of Babylon. They were not your domestic type. There were the egyptians. Cleopatra. A queen. A goddess on earth. Sexual deviant. Some were the greeks of aristotle’s time. Some were genkis khans. Some were shaespeares. Some were george washington’s. some were mussolinis. Others were steve mcqueens and madonna’s. some were jfk’s and others are us. people who work at coffee shops. Or walk your dogs. Or cook you your breakfast. Everyone’s a human being. You were chosen to live in an era of mindless diversions. Televisions. Movies. Computers. Cell phones. Video games. The internet – the ultimate diversion .

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