Movies: part two

They should just remake every movie ever made. Not kidding. Lets remake wizard of oz. in 3D! directed by tim burton! Yes thats a billion dollar idea right there. Lets remake gone with the wind too. Lets just dig up every movie and do it over again. Like 2001. No that one’s too smart. We need something thats deep rooted in stupidity. That way its easier to remake. Um, how about star wars? Can we get a remake of that movie? Nah I guess not. There’s enough out there for george lucas to make his millions. toys, games, cartoons, how could he not be sick of it yet? I mean he’s been knee deep in star wars for the better part of the last 4 decades. Anyway, straying from the point. They should remake Bullitt with some hot young actor like Rob pattinson or shia lebouf.

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