The problem is not that movies suck today

The problem is not that movies suck today but that the movie critics are the biggest morons that ever lived. At least before we had people with taste and sensibility. Nowadays, every critic is a clown on display to show us the latest tricks for us. They obviously have no taste in good movies and thats why so many crappy movies win oscars and rake in $500 million by its second week in the box office. People need something to talk about. Sometimes its politics, sometimes economy, sometimes global warming, or tennis lessons or kids or SOMETIMES, they talk about television and movies. And in 2008, the story of the year was a black president. Woo-hoo , yea we made progress, thats going to solve all the racial problems right? Its going to erase 300 years of slavery, right? Its going to equal things out now, right? Anyway in 2009, on everyone’s lips it was Avatar. Jim Cameron’s EPIC, long awaited return to cinema. Wow. Coloooorsssss.. Weeeeeeeeee. Give me a god damn break, for fucks sake. It was a cartoon! People spent $3 BILLION to see a fucking CARTOON masquerading as a big wondrous spectacle. The next wave of movies they said! Kiss my white ass you fuckers, you creeps, you nimrod’s. Avatar sucked dick. And the critics loved it and showered it with praise and people were too scared to go the other way because it was NEW and SHINY and would feel embarrassed to say no. Well… it’s alright to say no sometimes.

EDIT: You must also understand that the powers that run this country (and the world) are manipulating the masses through media, and that’s another reason why the quality of films is so poor the last decade. Its because the powerful men who run our nation are dumbing us down by feeding us the crappiest movies ever made.

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