We (people) are all influenced by each other. We all look to one another for insight and inspiration. When you reach your 20s, you realize two things: one – you are no longer allowed to slack off because responsibility is now a real thing and not just a word you heard your parents throw around during your adolescent and teenage years. And two – there are lessons on life to be picked up every day. For example, imagine that throughout your life you’ve always thought and lived in one certain way. After years of meeting different people, experiencing different encounters and friendships and relationships, your mind thinks and works in a different manner now. You have utilized those experiences to change your personality to work for you, and not against you. On the one hand, it’s great, because you’ve matured. But on the other hand, you’ve just given up your right to be an individual because now you’re just like everyone else, because you’re acting like everyone else, you’re treating others the way you’ve been treated, and most people are not treated in a very moral manner. Of course, its all subjective, but that’s one thing I’ve learned so far.

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