I had to delete the last post. It was a bunch of rubbish. Anyway, I’m feeling fine right now. Did you ever notice that the cycles of men and women are different from eachother? Life cycles. Think about it, the girl matures first, then the man matures a little later and above and beyond the female’s progression. The same thing happens in adulthood. A woman is much more active in her 20s than a man is. Then as the years go by, its the man that enjoys his prime. That’s why so many men in their 40s and 50s leave their longtime spouses for younger women. Because when a woman is 50, she is ready to retire. A man, on the other hand, is just entering his intellectual prime, and needs proper stimulation. A middle-aged woman is not equipped for this, just as a 15 year old kid doesn’t the know the first thing about pleasuring a similarly aged female. And so the middle aged man, who still retains his vitality, leaves his boring wife in decline and allows himself to fall for the 25 year old who matches his energy levels. Think about it. A 70 year old man can father a child. A 70 year old woman is 20 years removed from the start of menopause.

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