The Quiet Earth

I wonder what America will look like when the apocalypse comes and the world ends. Will it be like that movie “The Quiet Earth”. The one from New Zealand from the 80s. A man wakes up, realizes he’s all alone in the world. Literally. Eats himself crazy for months. Finally breaks down, looks for someone else alive. Somehow comes across a (gorgeous) young woman, early-20s. She and he become partners. They kiss and love, but don’t make love. She won’t give it to him. Anyway, he realizes that the scientific corporation he works for accidently botched a secret experiment that wiped out the whole world, except for one kind of person: The one who died at the exact moment the world ended – they got a taste of death and then came back. The man tried to off himself in that moment. The woman was electrocuted by mistake. Then the couple meet another man, a brash, angry, impulsive man. He was being drowned at the moment the world ended. Anyway, they are the survivors. The young woman obviously cares for the main character, but decides to sleep with the imbecile instead. Probably because women love being made love to. And regular guys can’t make love to a woman without her effort involved. A cool guy like Steve McQueen could probably pleasure a woman with her lying dead on a table. His lovemaking would literally revive her. But anyway, the movie was fascinating. Check it out.

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