Everybody’s writing these days. A novel, a screenplay, a memoir. Every day you got another person starting a blog. Like we give a shit about your dumb fucking life. Basically, everyone wants everyone else to know how they feel. They want to be “heard”, as if suddenly they went deaf and mute. And then you got those journalist school types who just want to report on the world and all it’s problems and then relay it back so it can be broadcast over the news. The news, what is the news, anyway? You pick up a paper, you think you’re staying informed? People are informed about shit! They really are. They have no idea what the truth is. They have no idea that behind every fact that the president gives, there’s five lies to go along with it. It’s like taking one step forward and then five steps backward. You’d end up on the other side of town after about 30 minutes of doing that kind of thing.

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