20 year olds

Everyone from 20-29 is in the midst of their lives. 30-39 is nearly prime. But it’s 40-49 that’s really the best years of your life. Because you are still good looking but now appeal to all ages. 18, 30, 45, 50, they all go for the perfectly ripe 40ish guy. And they are also in their intellectual prime as well. But the ones in their 20s are the ones who on the most part think they’ll live forever because  they’re still in that young mindset of “my entire future” lay ahead of me. But some 20 year olds are like edgar allen poe meets kurt cobain – “I’m going to die soon” crowd. Why they think they’re going to die soon is beyond me. I’m not a psychologist. I’m not a researcher or journalist or game show host. I don’t know.

  1. In my opinion, I think the 20’s think like that because they are in the transition of having a new life, new environment and all that since it is around that time that they live their comfort zones, graduating from their respective College/Universities and entering the world where everything is work and money.

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