Some people are lucky. Some are born lucky. Some invent luck as they go along. I was born lucky. I was born into a lucky household. A good household. Brought up on morals, and good thoughts and ideas. Maybe too right, but they were better than other households. How can you create this luck? Where do you acquire it from? Can you purchase it at the supermarket? Can you order it online? Can you pay for it with your credit card? No. No, you cannot charge it. It doesn’t exist, meaning, its invisible, its not an object, its a term. It’s like being fat, or unattractive, or tall and dark haired, it is a description, without definition, it just is. What is the color black? How do you describe it to someone who hasn’t seen color before?

A friend of mine said, as we played a few rounds of bowling between the five of us tonight, “You think too much.”

This was in response to him spotting a cute girl nearby, to which I said “Yeah. Too bad that asshole next to her is her boyfriend,” to which he replied, “That shouldnt stop you.”

So I said “No but his fist will stop me.”

“Yeah but there’s five of us here, we got your back.”

“But what if he’s got four of his friends out back?”

“Man, you think too much!” he said to me finally.

Yeah. I do think too much. Right now, what am I doing? I’m thinking real hard. Real hard of something witty to say so that more people will follow me. Like anyone really gives a damn.

Good night lovebirds.

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