Who are my employees?

It’s New York. And I’m finally realizing that I live in a kick-ass city with so much to do. Everyone is from somewhere else. Except for me of course. I’ve lived in New York as long as I could remember. One of my employees, X, lived in Chicago. She moved here to go to school and be a musician. X is not a bad singer. Quite good actually. Another employee is from California, lets call this one Y. Y is a totally chilled out dude who’s always high. Very west coast mentality. Anyway, he came here to study filmmaking and try to be a director. Z is also from Chicago, an aspiring actor.  He’s gay and doesn’t hesitate to remind us of that, but his only real problem is that he smokes too much weed. I guess everyone does, it relaxes the mind and body. Then we have J, K, and L, who are born and raised in New York, but in very different parts. Then there’s A and B who have Asian roots, but are American-born. Then there’s me. An aspiring… good human being. That’s what I want to be above all else. A good human being. And whatever it means to be one, is what I’ll do.

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