Movie theaters

I once worked at a movie theater. I was so cool the first week. I was new. They hadn’t had a new guy in months. This black guy who likes karate movies and wants to be Chris Tucker seemed like a nice guy to get to know. I told him I worked on movie sets in the past. He was so thrilled. Ran after me to ask questions. “I think im gonna like working with you”, he said. this girl, she was warm on me. Took an interest in me. I finally mustered up the nerve to ask her out. and guess what? She shot me down! Wow! I was sooo stunned. I was like what? How can you say no? what the hell is wrong with you? cocktease! I thought all these things obviously ,didn’t say them out loud. Anyway 1 month went by, I hated it. It was beneath me. Then after a few months, I embraced it.

Listening to closing credits music all the time and selling overpriced popcorn to a bunch of yuppies all day? I loved it. Okay. The pay was lousy. But I talked about movies with my co-workers and looked at hot chicks all day. That cant be a bad job. Meeting famous people every week, that was pretty cool too. Those were the “glory days.” In a way.

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