A Story

The scariest dream I ever had was the one where I lived forever. For hundreds and hundreds and thousands of years. And eventually, civilization comes to an end. God decides to eliminate humans once again, even though He promised He never would again, He does anyway. But right before He does, He comes down from the heavens and kneels down before me. He begins to talk but only I can hear him. He whispers in my ear, just a whisper, even though it was loud enough, and He says ‘you’re the only one who understands me’. Because no one knows the past. No one knows what God has had to endure. No one has that kind of information except for Him and me. And I was cast out. The first few hundred years were okay, I got to see a lot of unique things and bed a lot of beautiful women. But then humans stopped looking like humans. After a few hundred years, they began looking like animals, like filth! And I was looked upon as an alien. No one ever figured out why. So on that last day of the world, I whispered back to Him, ‘You’re the only one who understands me too’. And then the world went black, and it went silent. And God did something that humans do for a third of their entire existence. He went to sleep.

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