Old people

When a person gets old, like really old, they don’t know what the fuck is going on around them. They just know that they’re borderline incoherent. And there’s no chance of ever going back to being normal. So they’re walked around. Clothed. Unclothed. Bathed. Shaved. Shifted around. Picked up. Carried. Sat down. Moved around. Twisted. Turned. Shoved. Pushed. Cared for. Caressed. Dressed. Showered. Washed. Changed. Made up. Made down. Put down. Sat up. Cleaned. Turned. Shifted. Dried. Dressed up. Moved around. Taken care of. They can’t function alone. They don’t see their spouses. They can’t touch them. They don’t even know where they are. But they know they’re around somewhere. Somewhere close. The woman had memorized her husband’s smell over the course of 50 years together. She could recognize his scent a mile away. Women are like beagles sometimes. But then one day, she no longer feels his movements. Nor does she smell his scent. She knows, he’s gone. And he’s never returning. So, soon after he dies, she simply gives up. And slowly, dies herself.

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