My mom’s best friend died yesterday. cancer. fucking cancer. isnt it num 1 amongst killers in america? or is it heart disease? i know theyre having a competition to see which disease could kill more. but anyway shes known my mother and family for 20 yrs. my parents first friends in america. i remember a kid she had a store, where she sold used clothing. my mom worked for free at first. then worked hard to get promoted to a paying job. after some years my mom moved on to other things, but their friendship remained intact. they were observant Jews. good people. not extremely religious, but were certainly very close with God.

and um.. well one day in “the basement” (the store was in the basement of a building.) , I had my favorite leather jacket with me. Brown. Very cool. I was 6 or something. But I remember this jacket and… one day I took it off down there and some woman off the street thought it was used clothing being sold there and my mothers friend didn’t know it was mine and she sold it. I cried. I was so sad. I was so sad. My favorite jacket. Gone. For good. Its probably 50 feet away from me right now, but I will NEVER SEE IT AGAIN. Anyway that’s something I always retained in my memory. I had a bar mitzvah in the synagogue her husband was president of. We moved from that neighborhood eventually but still remained friends ,still went all the way the shul on some Saturdays for shabbos. I remembered walking by the fence that led to the synagogue which was so old and worn down and in the middle of shit land. I mean a bunch of hoodlums and gangsters. What a place for a synagogue, right? Anyway now 20 years of friendship later she develops cancer. 6 months ago. it was slow and painful. I did not see her during this period of time. she died yesterday. 65 years old. That’s it. She’s with God now.

p.s. sorry for poor punctuation and grammar. will b better next time, promise.

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